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Re: uplift straps/ home builders

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I should have linked it.

Builders Win Big in First Code Hearing Round

(unlinked if it doesn't come through: )

Somewhat unrelated to this cycle, I recently found that currently there is no requirement for (multiple) full height studs at window/door jambs in the IRC, regardless of the opening size. Seems like a major oversight...or was it past lobbying efforts?

My practice is 30-40% residential (it was easy to get clients when I started, and residential architecture is one of my guilty pleasures), so I tend to have more than my share of WTF moments on a regular basis. The no clips on trusses can only be seen as purely financial, and this is the first time I've ever heard a truss manufacturer called conservative.  I would be interested to see what the effect of an industry push to "reward" homes with SE (PE) sealed structural drawings would do, though I would think the EOR would have to certify the as-built framing as well. They would need data for the actuaries, and it might not exist. If you remember, the auto insurers used to give discounts for ABS until they found out it didn't reduce their overall claims value.


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