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Re: How to design concrete wall to resist blast pressure

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Another general reference book on blast resistant design that can be purchased on-line is:

G. C. Mays and P. D. Smith (eds), BLAST EFFECTS ON BUILDINGS, Thomas Telford Publications, London, GB, 1995.

Estimating blast pressures on the cantilevered blast screen wall can be a little tricky due to clearing and diffraction effects.  It's a different situation than estimating blast loads on a building which is usually based on the assumption that the 'target' surface area is infinite.  If you use the conventional 'blast curve' method to obtain the reflected blast pressure loading as presented in the references cited, designing a cantilever wall system can be a real challenge. 

Another design aspect that perhaps you or someone else has already considered is the amount of shielding provided for the target by the blast screen wall.  Some empirical data exists - most of which is restricted information.  However, if this is something you are interested in knowing more about, some public information is available in the following technical paper.  Generally, the shield wall must be either close to the source or close the target to get much benefit by shielding.

R. Dove, J. Hamilton and D. Coltharp, "Perimeter Walls for Blast Protection", ASCE Proceedings - Structures for Enhanced Safety and Physical Security, Arlington, VA March 8-10, 1989, pp. 142-153.


Walt Sawruk
ABS Consulting

At 08:57 AM 17-10-06 -0700, you wrote:
We have to design a cantilevered reinforced concrete wall to resist blast loading.  The wall is essentially a screen between a building and the source of blast.  Are there design criteria (i) to estimate the blast pressures on the wall and (ii) to design the wall for the blast load?
Sunil Gupta, SE