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Re: Corner Reinforcement and Moment

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What if my bars are in the middle?  Can I not just turn the bar in the middle, and have it continue around the adjacent wall?  Do I need the full development length at the corner (ie, ldh), to continue the moment in both directions?  If I do not reach ldh, do I need to provide additional bars to meet the requirement according to A_req'd/A_provided and l_provided/ldh?


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The outside corner bars must be spliced for continuity.  The inside bars can extend to the far face with a standard hook.  Do not bend the inside bars tight around the inside corner.
Bill Sherman

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Subject: Corner Reinforcement and Moment

Feedback on corner reinforcement

I am somewhat unclear on what is necessary in steel to go around a corner.
My main problem, is hook development.
If a bar is continuous around a corner, and extends beyond the corners a development length appropriate for the bar, is this bar fully developing the moment around the corner?
It is not that we need to reinforce as we would for a hook, ie ldh ??
These are separate issues, right?