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Re: Local Stresses at Pipe Supports

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On Oct 18, 2006, at 11:11 AM, Jim Lutz wrote:

I estimated the contact area between the pipe and roller using Roark’s formulas for two crossing cylinders,
The area you got this way is probably too small, since the pipe is a lot softer than a solid cylinder. The effect of the contact loading is probably spread out axially along the pipe for a distance of about SQRT(Diameter x thickness). You'll probably get a better estimate by considering the pipe to be a ring carrying a distributed vertical load distributed over the ring's circumference and reacted by concentrated forces at the roller locations. The ring would be SQRT(Diameter x thickness) deep.

You can also get some guidance fro the so-called Zick analysis, with deals very intuitively with the transfer of gravity loading from a pressure vessel wall into its supports. The pipe is probably stiffer than a pressure vessel but the explanation in Zick's paper of how the load transfers is very helpful. It's been a classic in the pressure vessel business for dog's years.

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