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Problem with P/T Tendon Stressing Procedure

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Hi List,


I just received a tendon stressing report for a small elevated flat plate podium slab. When I opened the file, a glaring stressing procedure error was readily apparent. I would appreciate comments from list members regarding the situation and my opinion.


46 tendons in the banded direction are on the order of 140-160 ft long.  The design drawings and the field placement of the tendons provide for stressing these at each end.  The stressing record indicates approximately equal elongation pulled from each end of each banded tendon.  At this point I contacted the jobsite to verify my observation that the tendons must not have been fully tensioned to 33 kips at the first end.  The inspector confirmed that first end of the tendons were only stressed to half of the specified 33 kips.  My concern is that this procedure results in an unknown quality of wedge seating and hence unknown quality of gripping force at this end of the tendon creating some possibility of future tendon slippage and force loss.  Although the total target elongations were achieved by the procedure used, I am currently planning to ask them to put the ram back on the tendons at the first stressing end and take it up to the full force.  Deal or No Deal?


Thanks in advance for commentary offered.


Brent Koch

Koch Engineering, Inc.