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Re: Health Club Floor Load

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Los Angeles City requires the Live Load = 100 psf (unreducible) for health clubs .  Yes you have to be careful about the free weights and where they go, but depending upon the equipment layout, and type of building construction (new or existing) you may be able to argue/demonstrate for a lessor Live Load (ask for variance to be recorded with the property at the city/county recorders office). 
If you use an occupant load of 1 person for every 7 feet of floor area (maximum density for people and assume a person weighs 200 pounds..conservative) in the equipment room (highly unlikely density) plus the equipment weight, the average calculated live load will likely be less than 60 psf, and maybe as low 40 psf or so.
But still check with the building official
Michael Cochran SE, SECB 
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Perhaps contact vendors of health club equipment.  Hmmm, I'm seeing a field trip to a health club for educational purposes.  Those stands that they stack all the barbells on have got to have some pretty good point loads.  Vibrations with all those rhythmic cross-country ski things is also a consideration.




Bob Garner


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Does anyone know of a reference that suggests a live load for health club floors? I see gymnasiums listed in IBC but I am thinking free weight areas may warrant a larger load. I would like to find a reference I can point to vs. a rational determination only.


Please let me know if you know of any written standards for this.




Mark L. Puccio P.E., S.E.


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