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Re: Using Old or reclaimed lumber

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Will the top be exposed?f I you don't think the timber will hold the load, could you get away with kerfing the top and sliding the web of a WT section into that kerf, then building the framing on top of that?

If you know the species, you can check it for the span at a minimal grade (presuming you trust the supplier/gc). If you don't, you can check a really lousy species in the bottom grade, then take a reduction commensurate with your ability to sleep at night. I'd lobby for the steel beam, personally (a WT7 or WT8 should do it).


erik gibbs wrote:
I am doing a a project and the architect wants a beam that spans 10 ft over an entryway, and it carries 380 plf. He wants the beam to "Look old" or be reclaimed. I guess something like a western appearance, if that makes sense. Does anyone have any experience or info about this situation? Thanks Erik G

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