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Re: Funny TV show

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Title: Re: Funny TV show

Three decades ago, there was a movie "Towering Inferno" with Paul Newman in the leading role as an architect (!) who had designed a record-breaking high-rise. The building had not passed final inspection yet, but was nonetheless occupied by the owner and a number of guests for a party in the penthouse suite.  A fire starts in an electrical closet and spreads from therehe heroic architect ends up getting dropped by helicopter onto the roof of a the building with a package of explosives, with which he blows open the rooftop water tank and dowses the fire.

Among the other humorous errors were
- a gas line running up the middle of an exit stair
 - a wheelbarrow-load of concrete that had been dumped in the hallway outside the exit from the penthouse suite, so no-one could escape (ready for final inspection, and no-one had noticed this yet?
 - no functioning sprinklers (for a record-breaking high-rise in 1972, ready for a final inspection?!)
 - the close-up shots were at the base of the Bank of America building in  San Francisco, and the long-distance shots were of the John Portman hotels in Los Angeles, which are the diametrical opposite of the cold, hard exterior of the B of A building

And, last but not least,

- the structural engineer gets a cameo shot as a slightly nerdy guy sitting at a card-table at the base of the burning building, running a slide rule and claiming to have determined that it was safe to blow open the tanks.

Great fun to watch

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