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stud wall double bottom sill plates

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Perhaps this is an easy question, perhaps there is some "local history" as to why this is .... but in North Carolina, we use a double 2x sill (bottom) plate for the connection of the stud wall to the foundation system.  I have heard that we are the only state to do so (IRC stating a single 2x sill plate for instance).  
Does anyone know why NC uses a double sill plate? 
Is there a reason NOT to use it(double instead of single)? 
It would seem, simplistically, that a double 2x would be stronger, plus provide a larger nailing surface for the sheathing to attach. 
Also, I attended a wood design seminar in another state and mentioned this unique requirement in North Carolina and was told (without explanation) in essence " ...  don't be surprised if that requirement goes away during the next Code upgrade ... " (FYI - NC uses the IRC with NC Amendments).
Jerold Taylor PE SE

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