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Another Typo in Aisc 13th Edition?

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Another TYPO in the Aisc 13th Edition?

Dear Folks at AISC,

I am appending two mails received at the SEAINT list
from Rich Lewis and Wesley Werner.

See AISC Thirteenth Edition, page 8-34, bottom third
of the page. 
Notes to pre-qulaified welded joints.

The notes are designated A, B, Br, C etc.
Shouldn't they be designated as 1, 2, 3, 4 etc all the
way upto 12?
The reference numbers in "Notes"in pages 8-37 through
8-61 are numbers from 1 to 12.
If A, B, Br, C etc on page 8-34 are okay, then the
notes in pages should perhaps be changed from numbers
to Alphabets.

May be we can tentatively consider A=1, B=2, Br=3, C=4
 as suggested by Wesley in his mail appended below. 

Please confirm/clarify.



From: "Rich Lewis" <seaint04(--nospam--at)>
Subject: Weld Symbol Footnotes

I'm looking at the new edition of the AISC manual. 
Table 8-2 shows 
details of different prequalified weld symbols.
At the bottom of each page it  says the information
was copied with permission from AWS D1.1.  Each table
refers to 'Notes' and gives a series of numbers.
The AISC manual does not  give the notes.
Can someone who has access to an AWS D1.1 print the
notes in an
email message and post them? 
I specifically want to know notes 3, 4, 5, 8 &10.
If you could post all of them that would be great.


Subject: RE: Weld Symbol Footnotes
From: "Wesley Werner" <wwerner(--nospam--at)>

It looks to me like there is a typo in the manual. I
think the notes
in the table should be lettered not numbered. If you
go to page 8-34,
there is a series of notes that are lettered. I am
fairly certain that
these are the notes that you are looking for. The 9th
edition manual
used letters rather than numbers. I think note 3 is
Br, note 4 is C,

Wesley C. Werner

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