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AASHTO Load Combination

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I rarely do any DOT work so I am not familiar with the AASHTO standards. 


I am working on a simple spread footing design for a bridge pier.  I’m looking at the load combinations on Table 3.22.1.A.  As I understand this I use these load factors with Equation 3-10.  I have a question concerning LFD combinations I & IA.  I see them as follows:


Group I – (1.3*1.0)Dead + (1.3*1.67)Live = 1.3Dead + 2.17Live

Group IA – (1.3*1.0)Dead + (1.3*2.20)Live = 1.3Dead + 2.86Live


Am I interpreting this correctly?  Do I have a live load factor of 2.86?