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Re: Embed Plates Testing

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                        You probably could get a good ultrasonic tester to shoot through the plate and straight down the stud if the studs were welded with a gun. If they were fillet-welded by hand, that would be a lot harder, though maybe someone that was really good at UT interpretation could still do it.

                        We once welded an eye to embeds that we had reason to believe had poorly welded studs and pulled on the eye to the full ultimate design load. We saw no reason to pull to the ultimate strength. They had deformed bar anchors, though, not headed studs. Crude, and we had to dig behind to weld a new plate to the existing stud ends, then repair the concrete, which was even cruder, but it looked good when our crews finished. I forget the failure rate, but it was high enough that the entire operation was worth our while – or really, worth our fabricator’s while. Sorry I have nothing sophisticated.

            Jim Getaz

            Winchester, Virginia