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They make more for less.

I want to be an engineer. I am working, now, for a price that seems to have been enough to cause me to start.

I want to own my own projects and design for my own profit but my insurance will not cover it.

I know of an engineer that changed into a real estate agent and affords things way, way, way beyond an engineer's income. Combine engineering cognitive abilities and mix in some new people skills, drop the engineering jobs, and voila! you are now a super money maker!

Engineers could make better architects and do it all, include owning it.

Academically, I know engineering drop-outs went to business school and now make more than the winning engineers. As an engineer I have proven to myself that I have the capability to make more than what engineering has to offer. My engineering background has fine tuned those capabilities. Investors easily trust engineers, it is easier for us to borrow millions for an industrial adventure than it is to borrow for a house. All I have to do is make a business plan using only about a quarter of the ability and effort of what I put into a design. Engineers, like movies stars, have become the president! I too could start a war.

I'll do that, just as soon as I finish up my project commitments and stop feeling so honored to take on more designs every time someone calls me.

I still want to use my matrix analysis program to design a multi story wood shear wall house. I have this idea of running the model three ways 1. diaphragm shear infinitely rigid 2. diaphragm flexural stiffness infinitely rigid 3. attempt actual relative material stiffness. Then Envelope the results. The idea is maybe wood design is complicated enough that a whole design model computerized is quicker. It allows a large number of load combinations and so on. That is cool! Yes, yes I know where is the money?.

I was so bothered when IBC started their mass marketing program several years back. It looked like the photos of engineers on the glossys were models and not engineers! They are my personal suspects. Now I will not know the code unless I go to the seminars to hear the inside secretes where they did not clearly say it in the code. The presentations are very fun, exiting and entertaining. The hidden secrete interpretations, only given out at the paid seminars, are being presented as the standard of care. (not)

My fees are low and my costs are high! This is not such a big deal for a large firm, they all go a seminar for the cost of one or two. Who is shaking who's hand? Corporate policy is to only hand out higher consulting fees to incorporated firms and reduce the salaries for the corporate employee!

So who is making over $250k? A few engineers and most of my acquaintances who quit.

If I would only apply my engineering economics and engineer to myself! But first I just want to try out a few more cool design ideas. Oh I get it, I am putting my nose to the grinder.

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