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RE: Stacked bond cmu

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SDC D, E and F requires full grouting and open ended CMU if it is part of the lateral force resisting system.

For normal out of plane flexure for stack bond CMU, read the commentary section of the ACI 530. It explains the reason for the bond beam requirements for stack bond CMU is the inability of stack bond masonry to effectively transfer stresses across the head joint.

I generally assume the stack bond masonry to span vertically from bond beam to bond beam. The bond beams then span horizontally from vertically reinforced cell to vertically reinforced cell. The biggest hit is using the width of the CMU as the compression flange width. This drives the compression stresses up.

I will either close the spacing up of the vertical cells or use 2 rebars in a cell to maximize the distance between the compression flange face to the center of the rebar. This reduces the compression stress.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Stacked bond cmu
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 19:25:03 -0500

I have not done much design with stacked block but I understand that it
should always be solid grouted when it is used to resist wind or for any
other structural purposes. Is this a code requirement? I think I remember
working on an addition to a school originally built in the 80's
that had existing stacked bond exterior walls that were reinforced
horizontally and vertically, but were only partially grouted.

Will Haynes

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