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Is everybody seeing a trend that they are getting less and less information from architects, and what is being  provided is not correct and probably isn't coordinate even between various architectural sheets?
Are you being asked to submit bid documents even with substantial lacking information from architect and MEP?
Are you seeing a trend toward, keep the bid document date no matter what, and we don't care how big of addendum you have to issue, or how many RFI's the contractor is going to have, or how many questions there are going to be on the steel shop drawings?
How is everybody dealing with this? Are you just going along with the flow, issuing drawings when told, and letting your quality, and reputation suffer? Or are you putting your foot down, and not issuing drawings until most if not all the information is provided, and drawings are complete.
Any comments or thoughts on this trend (if you are seeing it too), and how you are dealing with it are appreciated.
Not bashing architects here as I know they are being driven to issue drawings based on material cost and owner demands to get things started ASAP, just trying to figure out how people are dealing with these issues.

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