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Structural wood beam support on a chimney

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IRC 2003 R1001.15 Chimney Clearances requires a 2" clearance from combustibles.  But the first exception permits combustibles to be in contact with the chimney provided that the chimney is lined in accordance with UL1777.
Is the same true for supporting a wood beam in a beam pocket in a chimney?  The pocket would be so detailed to maintain any required dimensional offsets and clearances from the liner and chimney box, perhaps by providing a double masonry wall at this point.
Background: A client wants to add a stone-faced chimney centered in a gable wall with a structural ridge beam over a cathedral space.  The chimney will stick into the room approximately 12".  There is no place else to support this beam, other than on the masonry.  A wood beam "header" could have to cross behind the stone facing, which isn't too practical.
Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA