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Window Head Support at Roof

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I’m looking for some detailing suggestions to laterally support the top of a 2 story curtain wall window panel at the roof level.


The condition is a 2 story storefront style window panel about 28 feet long.  The window head is at +7’-3” above the 2nd floor.  The top of roof steel is +13’-8” above the 2nd floor.  Above the window head is metal stud framing.  The studs bypass the steel spandrel beam and extend to the top of a short parapet.  The exterior finish is EIFS.


I need a detail to support the top of the window laterally from wind load.  There is no lay-in ceiling.  My concern is providing lateral support to the window wall while not loading it with roof load.  The steel is all exposed.  I see 2 options.

  1. Hang a support for the stud wall above the window head and provide a deflection type track above the window to allow the wall above to move vertically with the steel roof beam.  An angle kicker back to the roof framing needs to be provided to brace the hanger and stud wall laterally.  I’m not sure what this deflection track type thing would be.  I haven’t seen anything like this specifically for a window frame head.
  2. Allow the stud wall to bear on the window frame and have a vertical slide connection between the stud wall above and the roof spandrel beam.  I still need a diagonal kicker of some kind to provide the lateral support.  The difficulty I see is the diagonal kicker needs to have some kind of provision for vertical movement.  I’ve never seen anything that would do this.


I would appreciate any detailing suggestions from others who have already tackled this situation.