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Connection Design per 5th Ed PCI Design Handbook

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I am going through chapter 6, Design of Connections in the 5th edition of the PCI Design Handbook.  Example 6.5.3 is for an embed plate in a 16”x16” column with an eccentric vertical load and a lateral tension load (perpendicular to the column face with the embed plate) for a stiffened seat connection.  In the shear analysis, the value for de is 120”, which is the distance to the bottom of the precast column… de is defined as the “distance from the free edge of the concrete to the back row of studs in direction of the load”.  The top row of headed studs is 120” above the bottom edge of the precast column and the vertical downward load is the shear force.  My question is… how can a free edge of concrete 10’-0” from the connection have any influence on the connection strength?  Shouldn’t there be a limiting distance where de has no affect on the connection strength?  If the connection was in a very wide panel, let’s say it is in the middle of a 20’-0” panel, I might be able to understand this, but precast panels are usually not that wide and in example 6.5.3, it is a 16” wide column.




Bruce D. Holcomb

Springfield, Missouri