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Joist Seat at Roof

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I am considering a detail and would like to get some feedback.


I am detailing a wind connection at the roof level of a building.  I am using a 3/8” cap plate on top of the column.  The cap plate is the top flange plate of the bolted wind connection to wide flange beams.  I have a steel bar joist sitting on top of the column.  The roof steel is flat.  Tapered insulation is used for drainage.  I’m considering letting the joist sit directly on the cap plate.  This makes the joist 3/8” higher than the joists between columns.  As I see it the deck can flex up 3/8” at the column line.  I think the perimeter chord angle could also flex up at the column line.


Does anyone else do this?  I can’t foresee a serious problem caused by this.  Am I forgetting to consider something here?  Has anyone run into problems that would cause me to rethink my options?


Thanks for your insight.