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Re: Lath and plaster shear walls

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Thanks guys,

Pretty much what I thought, just wanted to make sure.  There are some sporadic light gage diagonal braces, but I'm not real crazy about those especially when I see the rest of the construction.

Joe G.

On Wed Nov 15 14:13 , 'Harold Sprague' sent:

What you are describing is Exterior Insulating Finish System (EIFS) not lath
and plaster, and it is not a structural system suitable for shear walls.
Joe Venuti is correct on the load resistance mechanism.

Check out
There are illustrations that probably show your system.

Harold Sprague

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>I guess it never ends as to what will be seen. I was called to a site
>a remodel is under construction. The house is probably 20 to 25 years
>The exterior walls were constructed with foam panels over the studs and
>woven wire lath and plaster over the foam. I'm not super familier, but I
>wouldn't think this is a proper exterior system. The IBC lists a portland
>cement plaster with shear wall values, but what is the entire system
>requirements? Fastener sizes are shown. Is there some backing required?
>I guess I'm
>looking for some direction here. Is there any texts, mfg. data, industry
>Any Help.
>Joe Grill
>Valuse in the code are for Plaster being directly attached to the studs.
>Otherwise you have to design the fastners for the cantilever through the
>Joe Venuti
>Johnson & Nielsen Associates
>Palm Springs, CA

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