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I have never heard of AVWIN 98 or any other year. When I tried to look it up on the web, I didn't find anything but a Spanish site, which was no help to me.

Nacionales Alex wrote:
Sorry about that gm. What software are you using by the way.
I have used RISA2D and tried to learn SAP and ETABs but the quickest to learn was for me
was AVWIN 98.
Have a nice day gm. you should deserve it. Alex

*/"Gerard Madden, SE" <gmse4603(--nospam--at)>/* wrote:

    Now that's funny....


    On 11/17/06, *Nacionales Alex* <acnacionales(--nospam--at)
    <mailto:acnacionales(--nospam--at)>> wrote:

        Thanks. My real name is Alex by the way. Alejo is just the
        spanish word for it. I just used it because I live in Alta
        Tierra which means High Land.
        I think AVWIN98 is better than STAAD any other FEA program
        that i know in terms of creating models fast and solving
        quickly. Does anybody here know any bugs in the program. I
        think the concrete column design is conservative. RISA2D is
        better in this area.
Advance Merry Christmas to all on this list. Alex C. Nacionales
        Civil Engineer
        Iloilo City, Philippines

        */Syed A Masroor < masroor(--nospam--at)
        <mailto:masroor(--nospam--at)>>/* wrote:

            I have heard "experts"; Lawyers, insurance agents, old car
            salesmen even some engineers, qualify everything in such a
            way that it no longer remains relevant to /any/ real life
            situation. But this tops them all. You should get a medal.
            You deserve it.

                /    Thanks and May God Bless those who deserve it./

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-- -gm

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