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Re: CMU Shear Wall Tension Steel

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I don't have the current ACI-530 handy at home, but the 99 edition specifically comments on this.  Section provides guidelines on when you can use corner effects and how much.  Basically, if the the corner is toothed, you can count on 6 times the wall thickness either side of the web.

ACI-318 also has some limitations on height.  Please check this number because I am going from memory.  But IIRC, ACI-318 also limits the effective flange width to 1/3 the height of the flange to allow for shear lag.

Lastly, if you include the flange steel in tension, you may also be able to include some web steel based on strain compatibility.  NCMA has several TEK guides on shearwall designs which may be helpful if you need the references.  Doing a full strain compatibility analysis is more work but can save your bacon when things are close.

Best of luck,

Jake Watson, P.E.
Salt Lake City, UT

On 11/17/06, jrgrill(--nospam--at) < jrgrill(--nospam--at)> wrote:

If perpendicular walls at the ends of shear walls are used as flanges at a shear wall will the tension steel only be that at the end of the "web", or can the next bar within the "flange" be used as additional tension steel.  I am looking at a remodel where using the additional steel in the "flange" would be a big help.

Joe Grill

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