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Re: ACI Commentary

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The commentary of ACI 318 is _NOT_ part of the code.  As such, it is
technically not mandatory.  It does, however, give good, useful
recommendations that could be construed as a "standard of care".  As such,
some might argue that it is a good idea to listen to recommendations in
the commentary.

As to your specific situation, if you think about it the reason for the 4%
for columns with lap splices bars, you should realize that it is because
if you use 4% where no lap splices are located, then you will be at 8%
where the lap splices are located.  One could argue that if you went to
the maximum of 8% and did lap splices, then you would be exceeding the 8%
limit (actually at about 16%) at the lap splice locations.  I would
consider that a kind of "grey" area of the code.  It could be argued
either way.

Personally, I would keep it to 4% if you use lap splices...if you can.


Adrian, MI

On Mon, 20 Nov 2006, The Best Always wrote:

> Hi All,

ACI has set a limit for steel reinforcement in a concrete column - 1% to 8%.  But on the commentary, it limits the maximum reinforcement to 4% if the rebars are to be lap spliced.  One consultant ignores this commentary saying that it is not a part of the code.  Can anyone please give me his opinion on this?  I know that the British code is clear on this matter.

Also, a section of a concrete column has rebars more than 12% just above the floor slab due to 28-32mm rebars coming from the lower level and 34-32mm rebars going up (lap splice location) and additional 6-32mm rebars.  Aside from the code requirements and possible honeycombing, are there any other negative effects of these excessive reinforcement?

Regards to all.

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