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Re: Eccentric Footing Load

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      I think you need to apply the beams on elastic foundation theory on this case. I usually neglect small eccentricities because it has negligible effect on the performance of the structure.
      My one peso worth of opinion. Hope this helps
     Alex C. Nacionales
     Civil Engineer
     Insight Technology Solutions
     Audit Recovery, Architectural&Engineering
     email : anacionales(--nospam--at)
     Iloilo City, Philippines

Wesley Werner <wwerner(--nospam--at)> wrote:

    Do you need to design for eccentricity in a footing if a smaller footing works concentrically loaded? For instance, if a 6'x2' footing works can you use a 6'x3' footing with 6" of eccentricity in the 3' dimension and ignore the eccentricity because a 2' width would work for soil bearing? Or do you need to increase the 6' dimension to make soil bearing pressures work for 6" eccentricity? How would the soil know that there is an extra foot of concrete?

Wesley C. Werner

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