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RE: Dynamic Analysis

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Will –


I don’t think anyone’s mentioned this reference yet.  But, one of the best books on Response Spectra analysis is:

Response Spectrum Method in Seismic Analysis and Design of Structures by Anjay Gupta. 


I just looked it up and you can find it on Amazon.  Anyway, I wouldn’t really recommend doing one of these analyses by had (at least for a real structure).  But, you could do it for a very simplified 2D portal frame.  That actually sounds like a really good idea.  If I had free time (which I don’t), then that would be a good hand calculation example to put together for publication with the other RISA verification problems. If you do find a fully worked out hand calculation on this subject, please let the rest of us know. 




Josh Plummer, SE

RISA Technologies

From: Will Haynes [mailto:gtg740p(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2006 3:24 PM
To: seaint
Subject: Dynamic Analysis


How many of you have done a dynamic analysis due to earthquakes?  Did you pick up doing this on your own or did you take a dynamics class? I have not ever had to do structural dynamics but I know it can be very difficult and I am just wondering if it is something you can pick up on your own if you are required to do it. I figure that most people are using software (SAP etc.) to do the majority of the work but I would like to be able to do it all by hand if I had to. Do you think that most engineers that doing earthquake dynamics really know what they are doing or are they just relying on the computer?