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Deflection of dbl angle lintel

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This is kind of an extension of my question yesterday.  by the way, thanks to all of  you that replied.

I am looking at a double angle lintel which is to be installed into an existing cmu wall where a new opening is desired by the client.  Now that you all have me straight at where the section properties are (a little embarasing after 25 years) I am looking at deflection.  Even though I am considering unbraced length as the length of the lintel, I will still have through bolts from side to side through the cmu.  I wouldn't think that I would use that pesky Iz, that I couldn't find yesterday, for deflection, or should I?  There would be a great difference and I would then have to look at something different than a double angle.  The double angle would be far easier to install.

Thanks, again,


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