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Re: Dynamic Analysis

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On Nov 22, 2006, at 7:25 AM, Josh Plummer wrote:
But, one of the best books on Response Spectra analysis is:
Response Spectrum Method in Seismic Analysis and Design of Structures by Anjay Gupta.
Absolutely. There's a very good section in the book explaining the development of the static coefficient method from a simplified dynamic analysis.
I just looked it up and you can find it on Amazon.
Try to find it used. Probably lots of people bought it when they figured to take a couple of weeks and become earthquake gurus, then got light-headed at the sight of a differential equation. ;->

  Anyway, I wouldn’t really recommend doing one of these analyses by had (at least for a real structure).  But, you could do it for a very simplified 2D portal frame.  That actually sounds like a really good idea.  If I had free time (which I don’t), then that would be a good hand calculation example to put together for publication with the other RISA verification problems. If you do find a fully worked out hand calculation on this subject, please let the rest of us know. 
'Nuclear Reactors and Earthquakes' has a sample calculation for a two DOF system representing a steam generator. The theory and the arithmetic are shown side by side--it's a very useful piece of work. There are some more complicated examples that can be used to validate FEA software or serve as self-guided tours for walking through the details of response spectra calculations.

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