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Re: Dynamic Analysis

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DiffEqs the second time through was fine, fourier transforms make sense (but please don't ask me to explain them from scratch - it's been a while since I've used 'em) . Putting it all together for random vibration...well, I blew my self up and moved to CA to avoid finishing my Random Vibration class. Okay, so there may not be causality there, but the unexpected explosion and subsequent move did get me out of having to prove on two exams that I was not really "one" with the lecture material. FWIW, the text book - Stochastic Analysis of Structural and Mechanical Vibrations by Lutes and Sarkani did cover both time and frequency domain analysis - though on a very theoretical level. I do not recommend it for the feint of heart or untutored engineer looking to bootstrap an understanding of the subject.

I think vibrations - especially those with "random" excitation - should have a combination of basic theory in a classroom along with an experienced mentor for the practical application. The subject is complex enough to not favor self study from scratch, in my experience. Those of greater intellectual prowess on the list may disagree with me, though. ;-)


Scott Maxwell wrote:
For me, diff eqs never really fazed me for structural dynamics (or in
general).  What go me in my dynamics course was when the prof started
talking about and trying to explain Fourier transformations.  Talk about
zipping past my head at light speed.  Now that I am smarter and wiser
(hopefully) than I was back in school, maybe it would be a different

Adrian, MI

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