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re: Dynamic Analysis

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Seismic design - That was a great, honest question, that I have wondered for a while. I went to school and have always worked in Florida and they barely mentioned it in school. Down in hurricane country, until we go out of state we don't think about things you other guys have to worry about like snow and seismic. I have done projects with small amounts of each for out of state projects, but would rather not even go there anymore. Not sure if I am mentally lazy or that just seems like learning a whole other discipline. Wind design alone can be tricky enough, and all the codes are constantly chaning, staying up on the state of the art in our field is challenging enough. My hat goes off to you guys who are designing for seismic, ductile failures, and all that other stuff... One of the reasons I tune into this list regularly is to at least read about what you guys go through, but it is like my knowledge of Spanish- I understand about every other word and kind of get the idea, but I am far from fluent!!  (Estoy apprendiendo, siempres...)
So at 32 I am officially an old dog.... Guess if I ever move out west I will switch sides and go into construction or something else. Bad enough that Scott talked me into learning SIP design.
Or I can always stay down in the jungle and make sure everything is strapped down properly! Also, I find the challenges of running a small business to be enough of a headache in addition to the technical quandries....
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, even in all those places where you don't celebrate it :)
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