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Re: Sloshing Damping

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On Nov 22, 2006, at 10:06 PM, refugio rochin wrote:

an you tell us about a 3-D element modeling scenario that would work?  actually i have never modelled fluids as I suggest.

You can go at it several ways.
--ANSYS has a fluid element that will let you model confined fluids, but you'd probably have to do a time-history analysis of the structure and the tank all modeled explicitly. It's doable, but a huge pain in the ass. --You could simplify things a lot by adapting Housner's 2DOF model for the tank and combine the lumped springs and masses representing the liquid with the structural model. --If your tank didn't happen to be rectangular or cylindrical, you could model just the tank and fill it with fluid elements and track Housner's development to figure the masses and springs corresponding to the particular tank configuration you have, then use them with the structural model. --You could just figure the impulsive and convective pressures from Housner's work, make them into equivalent static loads and add that to the dynamic response for the tank.

with computers as they are becoming, it may be very easy to run such a calculation, no?  why not exactly?  it could be an interesting exercise to say the least.
The thing about FEA is that it is very powerful and seems able to do lots of things, but FEA doesn't convey understanding. It's a tool, like a hammer. People can be very skilled with hammers, but that doesn't make them into carpenters and the hammer can't explain when you're making a big mistake, even though you've hammered everything within earshot.

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