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Re: ASCE 07-2005 Unbalanced Snow

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Title: Re: ASCE 07-2005 Unbalanced Snow

Here's a link to an article co-authored by Professor O'Rourke that deals with this subject, primarily as it impacts low-rise wood frame structures:

There is some discussion of the background and several examples and tables. This paper will appear in the December issue of Structure Magazine.

There was also a paper that appeared in the August 2006 issue of Frame Building News called Review of ASCE 7-05 unbalanced snow

load provisions and their effect on building design. I was able to view it online as a subscriber and subscribing is free:



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Subject: Re: ASCE 07-2005 Unbalanced Snow

Any research on the unbalanced snow load provisions should start with = Michael O'Rourke and Peter D Wrenn authors of "Snow Loads: A Guide to = the use and Understanding of the Snow Load Provisions of ASCE 7-02" = (ISBN 0-7844-0725-9) and many papers on snow loads including several in = the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering (Exact title???). There are = Two (2) pages of referenced papers in the above book, not all of them = are on unbalanced snow loads but some are useful. I don't know if or = when a new edition of Snow Loads will be coming out for ASCE 7-05.

Jim Hannah

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Subject: ASCE 07-2005 Unbalanced Snow

ASCE 07 has changed the unbalanced snow load requirements yet again. = The snow load profile places the maximum unbalanced load at the ridge. = As someone who has spent a fair amount of time in snow country, I don't = think I have ever seen that load pattern. The commentary indicates = there are "studies" available to document this pattern but doesn't cite = "" references. Does anyone know those references or studies?=20

Jake Watson, P.E.
Salt Lake City, UT