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Anchoring to a brick foundation wall

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Fellow Engineers:
A contractor asked me to provide a foundation design for a residential garage addition on top of an 8 inch wide brick foundation wall, which he had previously built.  The wall is 4 feet high, double wythe brick with a rowlock cap.  The wall changes to 8 inch cmu below grade and bears on an 8 inch by 16 inch footing.  There is no horizontal or vertical reinforcing.
The foundation and 4 inch slab are in place because the owner did not have the funding for the garage.  Further, the owner did not want to look at the 8 inch block wall or anchor bolts during the interval between foundation and slab construction and the final garage construction (ten years as it turns out).  The brick masonry work is in perfect condition.   Naturally, the owner does not want to tear down the brick wall and start over.
The local building official told the contractor to have the wall plate anchorage engineered and he would "consider" it in his approval.
The question is how to anchor the wall plate to the brick.  I have considered drilling in the wall center to the footing and using long epoxy anchored rods.  However, drilling in brick & mortar can be difficult and might break the bond.  I have also considered building a new wood stud wall inside the existing brick foundation wall and anchoring through the slab to the footing below and to the wall.  Frankly, I don't feel comfortable with either of the options.
I would like to hear suggestions from those of you that may have some experience in this type of situation.
William Lehmer

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