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RE: Guard Rail at Loading Dock

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IIRC, OSHA 29 CFR 1910 is what you need to review.  It is available to view online at
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Subject: Guard Rail at Loading Dock

I’m designing a depressed loading dock at an existing facility.  They are cutting the outside paving back to ramp down.  I’m wondering how far I need to take a guard rail back along the ramp.  IBC 1012.1 states I need a rail if the drop off is 30 inches or greater.  I was wondering if someone knew if there was an OSHA regulation that superseded that requirement. 


There is a man-door adjacent to this loading dock ramp.  Pedestrian traffic is possible.  I don’t think it technically qualifies as a ramp per IBC 1010.8.  That section implies that rails are needed on both sides of ramps. 


I would appreciate any further insight.  Thanks!