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Re: OT-Vish shares personal good news

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What an honor for Nakul!  Something tells me that this is just a beginning and there will be several more milestones in his life. Please convey my best wishes to him. When I happen to be in B'lore next time, I will expect a good treat.

Your wife and yourself have played no small a role in Nakul's achievement.Congratulations to both of you, too.


G Vishwanath <gvshwnth(--nospam--at)> wrote:

I apologize in advance for a short off-topic post.

My son, Nakul Krishna aged 20, has yesterday been
chosen to be one of the five Rhodes Scholars from
India this year.

The selection process lasted about three months and we
have all been holding our breath yesterday while,
after clearing all preliminary selection procedures,
he was interviewed by a panel of celebrities at New
Delhi. The suspense ended in the evening yesterday.

I have always believed in his abilities and his
capacity to excel in whatever he undertakes but even
in my wildest dreams I never thought he had the stuff
in him to make it to the top five in a country of a
thousand million people with several thousand students
all over the county competing for this prestigious

While the USA is able to select 32 Rhodes scholars
every year, only five are selected from India, making
it vastly more competitive.

In 2007, he will be proceeding to Oxford University to
continue his studies. His interests are Economics,
Political Science and Philosophy.

I am a proud and happy parent today.
I have many friends and well-wishers in this list with
whom I often correspond off the list, and it is but
natural that I will like to share this happy moment
with them.

I hope and pray my son will continue to be successful
in his future career.

Regards to all.

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