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Re: Anchoring to a brick foundation wall

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Can you bolt a steel angle to the wall studs and
attach thr'd rods to the outstanding leg that are
epoxied into the concrete footing below?

> Fellow Engineers:
>   A contractor asked me to provide a foundation
> design for a residential garage addition on top of
> an 8 inch wide brick foundation wall, which he had
> previously built.  The wall is 4 feet high, double
> wythe brick with a rowlock cap.  The wall changes to
> 8 inch cmu below grade and bears on an 8 inch by 16
> inch footing.  There is no horizontal or vertical
> reinforcing.
>   The foundation and 4 inch slab are in place
> because the owner did not have the funding for the
> garage.  Further, the owner did not want to look at
> the 8 inch block wall or anchor bolts during the
> interval between foundation and slab construction
> and the final garage construction (ten years as it
> turns out).  The brick masonry work is in perfect
> condition.   Naturally, the owner does not want to
> tear down the brick wall and start over.
>   The local building official told the contractor to
> have the wall plate anchorage engineered and he
> would "consider" it in his approval.
>   The question is how to anchor the wall plate to
> the brick.  I have considered drilling in the wall
> center to the footing and using long epoxy anchored
> rods.  However, drilling in brick & mortar can be
> difficult and might break the bond.  I have also
> considered building a new wood stud wall inside the
> existing brick foundation wall and anchoring through
> the slab to the footing below and to the wall. 
> Frankly, I don't feel comfortable with either of the
> options.
>   I would like to hear suggestions from those of you
> that may have some experience in this type of
> situation.
>   Thanks!
>   William Lehmer
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