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Re: informal survey of listserve users

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Dear Martin,
I have also looked around at other listserve type things.  One thing that may make things a little better, is to be able to send attachments, and have the attachments go into a databank somewhere for people to see.  They do not necessarily need to pass on to everyone's email, but if they pass on to a storage system that perhaps is able to discern which ones are useful or not, maybe this would be valuable.  At the same time, the way people pass information to each other personally is nice.  But for future value for those with questions, younger generations that are looking online for something may benefit from finding the information readily available, and stored attachments to learn from.

Such a link may be added at the end of the messages that provides a link to all messages, ie the message storage revobiz thingy.  So far, it is not exactly easy to find, unless you know to ask where it is.  Until then, people do not think to look for it until someone on the list says : why didn't you look it up ?

But overall, this list service is very functional.  In the field we are in, we can get bogged down if we go into one of those big list boards.  The questions people on this service like to ask are direct and ready questions, not questions someone wants to wade through to find.  Those big list boards can contain a lot of information, but they are research type oriented which take time and investigation, not pertinent to on the go commercial type questions.

Another thing that might be good for those that would like to use the digest mode, is to be able to have a table of contents and an index which links to the correct messages.

And if possible, it might also be nice to use a cluster type search engine for the revobiz stored messages.  That way, if someone wants to see a question related to what they are searching for, they can type it in and find a close approximation in a cluster format.  Vivisimo and Clusty use this format.  It is a little bit different than Google type search.

Or, it may be nice to be able to use a kind of sorting mechanism.

Refugio Rochin
Believe until Unbelievable !

On 12/6/06, MWJohnson(--nospam--at) < MWJohnson(--nospam--at)> wrote:

Hello all.
After a long absence from this listserver in an attempt to reduce the flood of email that I get every day (futile, by the way), I have rejoined the server with the basic purpose to ask you all some questions about this service.

SEAOSC, the sponsor of this listserver, is in the process of revamping our web pages. As a part of this, it is likely that they will restructure both the hardware and software aspects of the servers, including the maintenance of the servers.  Since the listserver is, at least in terms of bandwidth use, a large part of our server, and also since the listserver has largely been unchanged since it's original introduction, it seems appropriate to study if there might be better technologies that we might introduce to improve this service.

I do not pretend to be an expert in this stuff, in fact I am quite the opposite.  I have done some looking around and it seems that format options are (a) the email messaging system that we now use, (b) something called "blogs" that I don't know much about, and (c) a message board format that many organizations use.  An example of an engineering message board can be found at, which seems to have a nice organization but does not seem to promote responses to questions as much as our current system.  Also, it seems a bit too broad in the range of topics that it covers.

Basically, I guess what I'm asking is, do you the users want to see any changes made in how this server operates, and if so, what?

Martin W. Johnson, S.E., SECB