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RE: Post frame building design

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National Frame Builders Association has a complete design manual for the design of these buildings.  The engineering is fairly detailed.  The engineering is significantly different than stick-frame shear walls and diaphragms.




From: Jim Wilson [mailto:wilsonengineers(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 12:29
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Subject: Post frame building design


I have been asked to review a set of plans for an architect designing a post frame building.  The builder had a set of "engineered" plans from a post frame company, but didn't want to use them for whatever reason.


Those plans included a flat floor slab with no turned-down edges or footings on the perimeter, glulam pressure treated posts embedded in dirt with no concrete, no lateral bracing other than the 28ga metal over 2x4 girts spanning 8ft between poles, roof trusses at 2' with metal roofing over 2x4 girts at 2'o.c., no insulation, etc., etc.  This hardly seems up to code or up to any engineering standard.  Is there some magic about these buildings that they don't need normal structural building components?  The building inspector already approved the original plan (presumably out of complete ignorance).


Jim Wilson, PE

Stroudsburg, PA

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