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RE: ASTM Standard

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This is what is listed for A305 on the ASTM website. It was replaced by A615.
WITHDRAWN STANDARD: A305- Withdrawn 1968: Specification for Minimum Requirements for the Deformations of Deformed Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement



A615 does not appear to be a material standard. It covers the size, type and location of deformations and testing of deformed bars made from standard material i.e. Fy=40, 60 and 75ksi.
Dave Watt, PE


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I've just been through a similar exersise.  Your best bet is

For about $16 you will have these three pages in 6 hours or less.


Steve Gordin SE
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Subject: ASTM Standard


I am looking for an yield strength of steel based on
ASTM A305-56T.

I have both 1996 and 2004 editions but it does not cite A305

I have looked at old books. They do refer to ASTM A305 with fs = 30,000

I am interested in fy value.

Please let know, if list server(s) hasthe fy value.

Himat Solanki

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