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Hiring practices

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Our copany (RISA Technologies) has had a few positions to fill for awhile.  We’re having a difficult time finding qualified candidates who want to work in California.  We’ve posted the positions on SEAOC’s website.  The only response…. crickets chirping.  Seriously, I don’t think we got a single response.  Are the other people on the list experiencing similar problems? 


Part of it may be that we have some unusual requirements for an engineer.  Or maybe our positions are being viewed as something of a career change for the people who are applying.  But, still it’s surpising how few candidates we’ve had.  Is it really that booming of a job market that there just aren’t any engineers available?! 


If so, what are the rest of you folks doing to deal with that situation?  Are you going to recruiters?  Are you hiring new grads rather than PE’s? 


Every now and then I get flyers in the mail about an position where it’s obvious that it’s a mass marketing letter sent out to everyone who’s got a PE or SE or something.  Maybe that’s the way to go, but it seems kind of extreme. 


I’m looking forward to hearing what other folks are doing to attract quality employees. 



Josh Plummer, SE


RISA Technologies


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