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Re: informal survey of listserve users

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.. un-lurking here for a moment..

I also think the push-media aspect of a traditional listserv is far superior to message boards, unless you utilize some kind of rss feed which then turns pull- into push-media all over again, so no need for change in the first place. someone mentioned allowing images to be included as attachments- imho that is a great idea and would further enhance the flow of shared knowledge.



PS // OT : a few folks also described how they handle seaint messages, i.e. archiving to a separate folder and/or keeping informative posts that are "gems". I also do that but never delete any post so I have a locally searchable archive off-line. a while ago I started using "X1" which is a freely available search engine and data mining tool that runs on your local machine. it solves a big problem I've always had-- that information is buried in the mail archive, in separate pdf-files and in other miscellaneous files flying around in my documents folder. with that piece of software, I can do a cross-media keyword search, i.e. searching for "diaphragm" or something gives me results from my local pdf collection, seaint and any other listserv I have archived plus any other source the engine can crawl. really cool! disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with x1 in any kind, just sharing my user experience.

M. David Finley, P.E., P.A. wrote:
My vote is to keep it the way it is.
David Finley
M. David Finley, P.E., P.A.
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    *Subject:* informal survey of listserve users

    Hello all.
    After a long absence from this listserver in an attempt to reduce
    the flood of email that I get every day (futile, by the way), I have
    rejoined the server with the basic purpose to ask you all some
    questions about this service.

    SEAOSC, the sponsor of this listserver, is in the process of
    revamping our web pages. As a part of this, it is likely that they
    will restructure both the hardware and software aspects of the
    servers, including the maintenance of the servers.  Since the
    listserver is, at least in terms of bandwidth use, a large part of
    our server, and also since the listserver has largely been unchanged
    since it's original introduction, it seems appropriate to study if
    there might be better technologies that we might introduce to
    improve this service.

    I do not pretend to be an expert in this stuff, in fact I am quite
    the opposite.  I have done some looking around and it seems that
    format options are (a) the email messaging system that we now use,
    (b) something called "blogs" that I don't know much about, and (c) a
    message board format that many organizations use.  An example of an
    engineering message board can be found at, which
    seems to have a nice organization but does not seem to promote
    responses to questions as much as our current system.  Also, it
    seems a bit too broad in the range of topics that it covers.

    Basically, I guess what I'm asking is, do you the users want to see
    any changes made in how this server operates, and if so, what?

    Martin W. Johnson, S.E., SECB

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