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RE: Long pipeline seismic design

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There is little "code" currently, but it is being developed. You need to contact FERC for fuel pipelines. FERC is currently developing guidelines for pipelines. I am not sure how far away they are from buried pipeline in the FERC requirements.

You can get some of the fundamentals from the ASCE, TCLE Monograph No. 15 Guidelines for the Seismic Evaluation and Upgrade of Water Transmission Facilities.

Harold Sprague

From: "Jimenez, Jorge A." <jajimenez(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: Long pipeline seismic design
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 10:40:22 -0400

I found information in Internet regarding with the fuel pipelines
seismic design. The sources refers to the use of the 'Multiple Support
Excitation Analysis (MSEA)' for long pipelines, an approach developed
for the Trans-Alaska fuel pipeline. There are any federal regulations
that states the MSEA as a mandatory method for seismic analysis? Which
is the boundary between the use or not of the MSEA? What about for non
fuel-transmission pipelines, like long water lines? What about buried

Jorge Jimenez, PE

Puerto Rico

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