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Re: informal survey of listserve users

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As stated by others:
1) keep the push format
2) fix archive access

>From me:
3) keep the digest format
4) fix those gremlins that make the server act wonky occasionally
(people stop receiving distibutions or submission feedback)
5) keep the address munger
6) keep the spambot protection
7) keep open access beyond SEAINT borders
8) keep attachments out of the distributed emails and digest
9) if it isn't leading edge and sexy, we will all grow old with no new

There are technologies that are changing the way that we share
information, such as podcasts and mobile comm devices. This also changes
the way that we want to share information and the type of information
that we want to access.

Maybe it is time to segregate streams of conversation so that there are
fewer emails to individuals. Back in the old days this would be done
with a news server to which you could log-in/download only those areas
of interest. It's not push and it's not as inviting.

I recall software (server and free download client) called FirstClass
(Win/Mac) that had some unique group communication capabilities, which
are probably rather developed since then. There are sure to be other
software and concepts. Things can be, need to be, platform independent
on the user side.

I find this list to be useful and interesting because of the continuing
relevence to daily practice and fast turn-around of excellent responses.


> From: MWJohnson(--nospam--at)

> SEAOSC, the sponsor of this listserver, is in the process of revamping our
> web pages. As a part of this, it is likely that they will restructure both
> the hardware and software aspects of the servers, including the 
> maintenance of the servers.  Since the listserver is, at least in terms of
> bandwidth use, a large part of our server, and also since the listserver
> has largely been unchanged since it's original introduction, it seems
> appropriate to study if there might be better technologies that we might
> introduce to improve this service.
> I do not pretend to be an expert in this stuff, in fact I am quite the
> opposite.  I have done some looking around and it seems that format 
> options are (a) the email messaging system that we now use, (b) something
> called "blogs" that I don't know much about, and (c) a message board 
> format that many organizations use.  An example of an engineering message
> board can be found at, which seems to have a nice 
> organization but does not seem to promote responses to questions as much
> as our current system.  Also, it seems a bit too broad in the range of
> topics that it covers.
> Basically, I guess what I'm asking is, do you the users want to see any
> changes made in how this server operates, and if so, what?
> regards,
> Martin W. Johnson, S.E., SECB

R. Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
<mailto:ado26(--nospam--at)> <>

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