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Re: Hiring practices

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nice ideas...
that company Thornton Thomasetti and others have wonderful high school recruitment programs.  Much better than Army, Navy recruitment programs.  Alot of those poor kids that end up in Army, Navy are innocent children that are not given enough support in school to really cope with world circumstances.  They end up fighting against virtues that they truthfully need to look internally to find. 

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I don't work with or recruit new grads, most companies have an on campus presence program. If you not actively on campus and being a active community participant, tapping into these candidate pools is slim to none. These grads have multiple offers waiting for them before they graduate.
Offering internships is a great way to show your support and get good candidates plus referrals interested into know about how cool your operation is to work for.
My clients never hire non P.E.s from me unless it is on the CM side.

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I don't mean to beat this issue to death, but I was curious to see what other companies are offering to New Grads.  I'm not really keen on hiring a new grad, but if the right person comes along I'd consider it.  I have to think that there would be a real price break associated with someone who has little or no experience. 


Don't get me wrong, our company offers a competitive salary.  It's just a question of what's the best bang for our buck.  I'm not going to hire an unlicensed CIVIL guy for 90k.  That's just crazy talk.  My dog could design your average storm drain. :)


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