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Re: Caisson cold joint

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CONSULT THE ORIGINAL ENGINEER (pole manufacturer's engineer) for an answer. He should know the design well and be able to offer an informed opinion. One concern would be keeping the cold joint clean at that depth to ensure you don't create a localized corrosion area. Why can't the bolts be placed with a template before the pour? With a 4'-0" diameter caisson, there should be ample room.
Bill Cain, SE
Berkeley CA
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Subject: Caisson cold joint

100ft tall light poles are being erected on 4ft diameter caisson's at a local university.  The contractor has asked if he can place a cold joint down about 4ft below the top of the caisson.  This will facilitate installation of the anchor bolts and templates as well as electrical conduits.
Is this generally acceptable and is it common?  The Engineer for the pole manufacturer designed the foundation, but they have not been asked about the cold joint.  Maybe that answer needs to come from the owner's engineer, but they are electical and not qualified to answer the question.  So they in turn asked me but I know very little about caissons and told them I would at least ask the appropriate people.
Thanks in advance for any advice on this.
Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA

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