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wind: use Kd=0.85 if other loads in combination are zero?

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In ASCE 7, the wind directionality factor Kd is used in all wind calculations when used with the load combinations of section 2.3 and 2.4.  In Table 6-4 various values for Kd and for Buildings "Components and Cladding" is listed, with Kd = 0.85 if used with the Load Combinations.
If you are designing vertical cladding, it really only has wind load (I guess you could argue it has selfweight dead load, but this may not be in the same direction as wind load).
So, if the other load conditions happen to be zero, is it still appropriate to say you used 'load combinations' and therefore use the reduced load factor of Kd=0.85 instead of using Kd=1.0?

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