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RE: Long Pipeline Seismic Design

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That is an excellent point that I failed to make. Water hammer in a seismic event is a lot different than the normal overpressure. With a static overpressure, the rupture of a single joint relieves the pressure and the rest of the joints will usually be unharmed.

Water hammer in a long pipeline due to a seismic event can breach many or all joints in a single line.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Long Pipeline Seismic Design
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 08:34:51 -0800

I would second Harold Sprague's reference.  You also might want to get
your hands on "Response of Buried Pipelines Subject to Earthquake
Effects" by O'Rourke and Liu, available from the Multidisciplinary
Center for Earthquake Engineering Research in Buffalo, NY. One
cautionary note I would give you is that all the methodology I have seen
in the literature just deals with direct structural effects on the pipe
due to ground motion. There is no established methodology I am aware of
to evaluate water hammer effects, which can be appreciable. I have seen
photographs of fire hydrants that have exploded from surge pressures
during earthquakes.

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