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Re: Design Checking - Here and Now and Future of Engineering

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The other thing Architects or A/E firms (or Design/Build firms) have going for them is that they drive the standards for their documents. As a sub-consultant, I deal with whatever the client uses - pencil, CAD, BIM, etc. By switching to BIM, I still have to keep the "old" system running, including updates and training, in order to service the "old school" clients, or I have to realize that I will be re-entering the information. A 2D or 3D transfer file from a foreign system may be of little use if I use a specialized BIM package.

Heck, I'm small enough that I have a couple clients who come in with pencil sketches on lined notebook paper.

As to the original question that sparked my tirade: Checking of these BIM models will certainly be a chore using the traditional methods, but a real human will still need to go over the building piece by piece. Think of how many things you see in print with incorrect usage of words. If the spell checker didn't flag "to" as incorrect in the sentence "I need two beams." then it goes to print with the error. Better tools will come out for automated checking, but they won't be perfect. We often bend the rules to make certain things work where the engineering is sound, if not to the letter of the code. If you're like me, you have turned off usage checking because you don't like some of the "errors" it produces, and looking for real errors in a document with a bunch of green squiggly lines is more difficult than if you turned the checking off altogether. So my answer is I don't know what the best method is for BIM.


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