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Re: Design Checking - Here and Now and Future of Engineering

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BIM for the future! (10years)
Cadding for 23 years, only the last 10 years have been truly autocad-productive, but it was fun and it got me jobs. CAD programs are so easy now, it only takes a few months to see a beginner be productive.

The "Structure" mag. has such uplifting articles and comments about BIM. Give it 10 years.

When analysis programs were starting out, the first users got the most benefit by advertising the use of their own edited version of the open source program. Diagrams and piles of print really impressed the client. When probability started, the real use again was to make your own edited rules and lasso in the big clients. Join a BIM committee, make your own improved independent method, it could be fun and a competitive edge.

BIM shares the whole project but I have heard it reduces the separation of liability.
The small firm could have a one man team with the help of what ever BIM is.
Virtual boundaries of responsibility need to be automatic and constantly shifting with progress. The architect may suggest an enveloped shape of a frame then the SE will refine that. The mechanical takes it back by cutting out a truss to serve "hot air". SE looks at it or was it the contractor's CE in the garage office?

David Merrick, SE

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