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Re: Design Checking - Here and Now and Future of Engineering

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Wonderful to hear about families...
Some problems are more complex.  Probably what Chris does is generally more complex than most setups.  I myself am young, perhaps I do not know what it is to teach.  But I do feel we need to do more to reach the youth.  I know that in the everyday grind, there usually is no time left for other "projects".

And this is why I talk about taking a step back and looking where we are going.  Walter P. Moore is another company I was investigating.  I was reading about their high school programs, and I mentioned Thornton Thomasetti...  It does not take extreme amounts of time.  If people were to step back, and see how to contribute to the communities around them, in more ways, then we could have more effect.

Many people continue the daily grind, many youngsters are raised without the financial support nor mentoring.  Many people have parents that are barely able to support their children.  This is what needs to be targeted.  Sometimes we can lead our children, but if we look around at our neighbors, are they in the same positions?  Is there a path that can be followed that can lead to good jobs, ie in Engineering.

It is not just about our own families, it is also about the village.

I always had the question, why do we send troops, when we can send engineers to build for others?  We can send teachers, and books and supplies for learning, but instead we send troops and bombs?  Alot of the reason is because our village is reared for violence and sexual misconduct.  So it is easier to send bombs.  At the same time, our youth do not have the path in the right direction.

There are many ways to step back, and change a bit of our priorities to see how we can be more inclusive and accommodating.  People these days live with more entertainment than Kings of old, and get caught in the drift of it, instead of living life, seeing each individual in their struggles as equals.  I say, if we step back, the whole community raises.  It is not just about the economics, but indeed, in the long run, the economics would win, because things are done with morals, and are done for everyone.  Morals should be first, not economics.

Slide rules !!  A wonderful idea !  A trip to a high school classroom, one high school every month, to show children about the slide rule and its fascinations !  Woah, all the engineers on this list !  Engineers would flip out the high school students of today.  And why not even the middle schools and elementary schools !?

As engineers in society, we are very few.  Yet in the schools, there are many potential minds !  Many that would enjoy a 20 minutes talk about engineering from the "elite" engineers of the world.  Many people see engineers as elite.  But, engineers these days are "too busy" to talk to children in the language that they can understand.  This is a global village.  We need to raise it like it is.