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Re: Concrete Staining

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        Glad to see you back on the list.
        I referred your question to my brother, an engineer in sales, now retired, who spent most of his career with a subsidiary company to one of the major cement producers.  They supplied ready mix concrete, manufactured light weight aggregate and supplied concrete accessory materials including the type of staining material you speak of.  His comments were as follows.
        His company provided materials similar to floor hardeners that are toweled into fresh concrete floors a few hours after the concrete is placed.  His expectation is that the concrete is (perhaps) a little bit more durable than concrete without the treatment due to the sealant that is applied in conjunction with the "staining" (coloring?). but certainly not any worse.  He suggested that you talk to contractors who apply this type of material in places like shopping centers; that they would probably have better knowledge than anyone else on the subject.  This is the best he can do without visiting the site and studying the actual conditions that exist.
        That may not help you very much but it's better than I could have done on my own.
H. Daryl Richardson
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Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2006 6:16 AM
Subject: Concrete Staining

Does anyone have experience with a stained (stained on purpose to create a design) slab used in an exterior application where it will be subjected to de-icing slabs ?  This is stained concrete, where just the surface is stained, not integrally colored concrete.
Does the staining process make the concrete more susceptible to deterioration from the salts than regular concrete?  Note that I am asking about deterioration of the concrete (scaling), not corrosion.
Is there a particular type of de-icing salt that is recommended for stained concrete ?
Gail Kelley